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Never pay to replace it – if you can Restore it….
At Morrisons and sons roof repairs we take a professional approach to roof repairs and include the following:
  • All broken and chipped tiles will be replaced.
  • Setting and securing all dislodged tiles on entire roof
  • Re-bedding on all ridge caps and gables.
  • Re-pointing with a flexible pointing on all ridge caps and gables.
  • Lead flashing repair or replacement.
  • Valleys either treated for rust or replaced.
  • High pressure cleaning.
  • Water proofing
Why change it when you can restore it our roof restoration includes that when repairing Terracotta and Cement Tiles remember:
  • All broken and chipped tiles will be replaced.
  • Your roof will be pressure cleaned, including gutters wall and pathways.
  • Re-bedding all ridges and gables where necessary.
  • Total re-point with flexible pointing.
  • All valleys will be either kill-rusted or replaced.
  • Air blown clean with a final inspection before spraying.
  • A steriliser is applied with a anti-fungicide to ensure any re-growth is inhibited.
  • A Dulux solvent based water proof sealer is applied.
  • Two coats of Dulux protective roof membrane is applied to create a thick glossy roof.
  • A range of 26 colors are available
When it comes to guttering and downpipe replacement, the best people to call are Morrisons and sons roof repairs because we will only install quality guttering and downpipes.
  • Roll-formed on-site to the exact length with a large range of colours to choose from.
  • Continuous length gutters are join-free corner to corner (eliminating leaky joins).
  • Zincalume steel or Colourbond in several different profiles and colours too choose.
  • Fascia covers to protect timber against splitting flaking and peeling.
  • All down pipes are made on-site to assure a correct fit.
  • Gutter guard is also optional too prevent debris buildup in the gutter line.
  • All waste material is removed from site for your convenience.
More than just a “Clean and Paint”… a full protection system

The Dulux AcraTex 962 Roof Membrane coating system has been formulated with specific performance requirements to meet the functional requirements of the roof restoration industry and comes with a complete Dulux 10 year warranty.

Morrisons and sons roof repairs has been issued a certificate in recognition that we have fully satisfied the criteria as a 962 Roof Membrane Applicator from Dulux.

Inspection: The entire roof is inspected for damaged tiles, loose or missing bedding and moss/lichen.

Repair/Replace: Damaged tiles and faulty valley irons are replaced.

Clean: The roof is cleaned using high pressure, and the wash water is directed away in an environmentally friendly manner with layflat hosing (where required).

Rebed/Repoint: All ridge capping is rebedded (where required) and then repointed with a flexible acrylic pointing mix in colour too suit you tiles.

Sterilise: (Where necessary) Fungal and Algal spoilage must be completely destroyed before re-coating, otherwise the growth will continue resulting in potential failure.

Primer/Sealer: The entire roof area is coated with an acrylic sealer/primer to ensure strong adhesion with the 962 Roof Membrane.

962 Roof Membrane: A water based elastomeric high build coating for application to concrete roof tiles and metal roofs. 962 Roof Membrane provides ultimate protection, durability, colour retention and weather proofing. Two coats, each at least 4 times thicker than paint, are applied for complete protection.

Metal Roofing: The Dulux AcraTex Roof Membrane System is also ideally suited for the restoration of metal roofing, including Colorbond®. The system includes high pressure cleaning, repair and spot priming of any damaged/faulty areas, application of an etching primer and two coats of 962 Roof Membrane.

  • We Stand by our work and give each customer a full Ten years unconditional guarantee on all workmanship.
  • A full 10 year Dulux guarantee on all Dulux protective roofing coatings.
  • A material and paint finish guarantee on all gutters from the manufacturer what stands good for 25 years.
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